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Photo by Amar Khoday | Design by Jera Cravo
South-Indian Montrealer Lavanya Narasiah is quickly making a name for herself as a creative world music artist. She divides her time professionally between her love for music and her practice as a doctor specializing in immigrant and refugee health. Lavanya's voice has been described as rich and velvety, and her music as a unique expression of her Indian roots with influences from West Africa, Brazil and Latin America. Her latest album, “Dharani-Earth”, has attracted considerable attention and acclaim with its striking new acoustic sound, bringing together over 30 exceptional musicians from around the globe. The daughter of immigrants from Karnataka, India, she grew up in Sherbrooke, a small French-Canadian town, learning South Indian classical vocal music from her father K. Subba Narasiah as well as Bharata-Natyam (Indian Classical dance).  Listening to Motown classics and rock since childhood, her interests widened after being introduced to the world of South American music, in particular Brazilian, which resonated deeply within her. While working in Mali as a young medical graduate, attending amazing concerts by West African greats left a lasting impression.  Through further travels, time spent with musicians from around the world, as well as her work with refugees, she began an incredible journey of piecing together musical thoughts, images and emotions which continue to inspire her music. Elements of dance forms such as Flamenco, Salsa, Brazilian Samba & Gafiera also enrich her performances. Entering the world music scene over 15 years ago with her Brazilian jazz band Sertao, and now Chandralua, she performs songs from the 60's & 70's with an Indian twist. She is regularly invited to sing and record with well-known Brazilian artists such as Paulo Ramos, Monica Freire and Nico Beki.  Lavanya continues to learn and sing traditional South Indian Classical music and with her husband Aditya Verma, well known North Indian Classical musician, raise their two children in a home filled with music!
- Lavanya is currently working on a few new singles for upcoming release
- Please check back for upcoming concert dates for 2014
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